Sunday, September 13, 2015

Looking Ahead to Next Season, Because This One is Done!

The season is not yet over, but for the home 9, the green and gold, the Oakland Athletics… it might as well be. This has been a dispiriting season for many reasons, but I think this really could be an excellent moment to begin a comeback. Rocky-style. But not like the first movie, because he ends up losing in that one.

So, as we prematurely begin the offseason, let’s take a look at what the A’s have, what they need, and what strategies they can pursue to improve.

Here’s where the roster will stand at the end of the year, assuming no one implodes in the meantime.

1. Sonny Gray
2. Jesse Hahn
3. Jesse Chavez
4. Kendall Graveman
5. Chris Bassitt/Sean Nolin/Aaron Brooks

1. Sean Doolittle
2. Drew Pomeranz
3. Pat Venditte (because he makes the world a more interesting place)
4. Evan Scribner?
5. RJ Alvarez?
6. Ryan Dull?
7. Live-Armed, Undersized Righty Number 45C

C: Stephen Vogt/Josh Phegley
1B: Mark Canha/Stephen Vogt
2B: Brett Lawrie/Joey Wendle
SS: Marcus Semien
3B: Danny Valencia
LF: Coco Crisp?
CF: Billy Burns
RF: Josh Reddick
DH: Billy Butler/tire fire

Reserve IF: Eric Sogard (because nerd power
Reserve IF: Max Muncy
Reserve OF: Tyler Ladendorf
Reserve OF: Anthony Aliotti

Ok, let’s be honest. This is not a playoff caliber team as it is currently constructed. It’s the kind of roster that a true fan would have to squint at for quite awhile before he or she concocts a semi-plausible path to contention.

Now, I am a true fan… but I’m in grad school now, and simply don’t have the time to stare at these names that long. Plus I now live where it snows in the winter, and I just don’t want to be that depressed.

So, instead of accepting this roster and hoping for 7-12 simultaneous offensive breakouts, let’s imagine that Billy Beane (have you accepted Billy Beane as your lord and savior yet?) will take action!